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Digital Marketing is in a constant state of transformation as content becomes the fuel that drives the growth of cross-channel marketing. We can help you with everything from video and written content creation, to search engine optimisation and advertising. Our team of digital marketing champions are all about making sure your organisation is exactly where your clients are online, so you get the highest return on your investment.


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Too easy! We work with your team to fully integrate marketing support into your organisation. We help you better understand the landscape, platforms, tactics and strategies, basically, the method behind our marketing madness. We’ll hard core research and then justify what we present to you so you clearly understand the why, before we hit you with rolling out the how!

At SIVACOM we believe in delivering Solutions, Information, Value and Access for our clients! We support you to achieve your marketing vision through both traditional and digital avenues, offering the skill sets you need, as you need them, to realise your business goals.

Our team of copywriters, editors, public relation specialists, videographers, social media marketers, web developers, designers and digital advertisers provide you with a complete and qualified team that can handle every aspect of your marketing.

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SIVACOM Digital Marketing Agency

SIVACOM is a dynamic, fresh and results-driven marketing agency based on the bayside of Brisbane. Tailoring strategic content support to organisations and agencies across Australia, SIVACOM offers leading industry expertise with a professional yet personalised approach to achieving organisational goals.

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the umbrella term for all online marketing efforts.

It is the promotion of products, services and/or brands using different forms of electronic media. The biggest benefit over traditional marketing is that digital marketing allows marketers to analyse marketing campaigns in real time, to understand what is working (or not working), enabling them to take direct action to enhance or fix on the fly for the best results.

Digital marketing can be both organic and/or paid, and delivered through multiple channels, for example social media, website, search engines, email and mobile apps. Marketers use these channels to connect with past, present and prospective clients.

There is a huge spectrum of tactics and resources and the best digital marketers have a clear idea of how each tactic, channel, asset or resource can simultaneously support overarching organisational goals.

Digital marketing can work for any business; however, different businesses would implement different strategies depending on who their target market is. Offering results in real time, digital marketing delivers insights into the ROI of almost every aspect of your marketing efforts.

More than just product and service lead generation, digital marketing also helps brands develop trust with consumers, grow their brand awareness and deliver outstanding customer service.

With 84% of Australians online, most 5 or more times a day, the need for persuasive and targeted digital marketing is now more important than ever.

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