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Page Followers are 81% more likely to convert when exposed to both paid and organic content.

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Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Reach out to your audience on a regular basis. Keep in touch with the people who matter most, not just once but constantly – and you’ll have no problem reaching all of those potential customers!

By creating content that captivates them through organic strategies like storytelling or asking questions you give life to their digital assets every single day which then reinforce whatever paid campaigns are successful because they’re reaching out on both sides of things!

The landscape has changed: it’s no longer “paid” vs.”organic”. The right Mix makes each work better together

social media marketing

strategic organic

Manage your reputation and build relationships

Use organic social media to manage your reputation and customer relationships. Listen, acknowledge observe, tell your story, engage, provide excellence in customer service and take advantage of user generated content. Use organic to deliver the social proof your customers will find valuable when deciding on your products or services.

engaging paid

Invest in paid social to reach a broader audience

With engaging paid strategies on social media, you can break through algorithms to target your offerings to your ideal audience. Paid campaigns reinforce the values and messaging that you release through your organic strategy, making your followers 61% more likely to convert when exposed to both your organic and paid content.

hybrid wins

Combine the power of these two strategies for the win

Experiment with your organic social and use the winning content for your paid social ads and promotions to make your marketing dollars go even further. By developing a hybrid social media strategy, you can focus on adding value through organic, while using paid to spread the offer to your ideal audience for conversions.

Affordable, Premium Service From A Trusted Social Media Marketing Agency

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have an unparalleled record of success. We are passionate about working with forward-thinking brands who value innovation and creativity as much or more than anything else in their portfolio – which makes us perfect for your next project!

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


A fantastic team that really take care of their clients. We have been working with Sivacom for several years and can strongly recommend them to anyone looking for an all in one digital marketing solution.

C. Stevens

New South Wales


Wow – how did we not find you sooner! SIVACOM has a great understanding of our business and gets results. Turning our digital presence around and delivering. Thanks team – keep up the great work!

E. Wills



A great team to collaborate with, experienced and extremely knowledgable. We would highly recommend SIVACOM for social media support and digital community engagement.

E. Aldridge


it’s all connected

Do you want to save money on your social media marketing?

Check out our posting and advertising packages that include discounts on your total bill!

Social Media Strategy

By ensuring you have the right strategy in place, your social will shine and enhance your bottom line.

Social Media Management

Nurture your community. Listen, observe, learn, and engage with your audience and watch your results soar.

Social Media Advertising

Use paid social to spread your offers to your ideal audience to boost your leads and conversions.

Social Media Reporting

Extract valuable insights through detailed reports to consistently win with our exclusive Sivalytics data.

Social Media Marketing Services

Harness The Power Of
Social Media Marketing

A hybrid social media marketing strategy is critical to the sustainable growth of your business, discover why our solutions are trusted by businesses Australia wide.

Social Media Marketing Investment

It is so easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding new social media platforms, but every social channel you adopt requires time, energy and budget to effectively meet your business goals. Plus, not all business is suited to all channels.

It is always a good idea to choose one or two platforms that make the most sense for your industry, and then really capitalise on them by making frequent, high-quality posts.

If you want more info, read our blog about choosing the right social media platforms for your business to see more specific tips to help you choose.

Although you may be looking for an agency because you are stretched for time – we will need to obtain information from you and will make ongoing requests to better represent your business.

While we will do a lot of the leg work, your intimate knowledge of your business, products and services is key to the success of your social strategy. It is important that you help us to represent you in the best light possible/

You will never have to wonder how your digital assets are performing with our industry benchmark Sivalytics.

Exclusive to our clients, you can access your reports and results at the click of your mouse, in real time, with no filter. Don’t wait for a report each month, simply login and visit your dashboard for direct and real time results.

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