Delivering quality and timely digital marketing support to a busy team in a highly legislated and hotly contested market

  • Industry: Training and Education
  • Company Size: 35+ Employees

  • Location: Queensland

Widely recognised as one of the leading Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in Australia, CTA Training Specialists are trusted partners for hospitality and business training solutions. Delivering industry required and venue specific hospitality education solutions for over 28 years. Their onsite, online and in-house course options make it easy for industry professionals to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The highly experienced marketing team needed an external support group to help them keep up with the demanding social media scheduling and help them keep on top of the changes within the ever-changing digital ecosystem landscape.

The Challenge

With a legal need to maintain and keep up with legislative and regulatory changes, CTA Training Specialists needed a highly knowledgeable, attention to detail focused digital marketing agency to back up their internal team to manage the overflow work and ensure that their online presence was being managed effectively.

The marketing team had created social media channels and had been running them internally for many years, but due to the strong growth in the industry, they were time poor and needed a digital marketing team they could trust, who understood the legislative and regulatory requirements of the industry, to help manage their online presence.

They were also looking for a team who could help with overflow support during peak times to assist with development and delivery of eNewsletters out to their multiple segments and digital advertising support as and when required for the many online and onsite training offerings.

Critical Issues

  • Time poor for managing social presence
  • Hard to keep up to date with constant changes of social and search platforms
  • Increase awareness and engagement online
  • Regulatory and legislative focus for digital communication


“I have worked with Lauren and her team for going on 7 years and they are extremely attuned to our brand and more importantly the legislative and regulatory requirements that we need to maintain for our RTO status. Would definitely recommend SIVACOM if you need attention to detail, professionalism and truly attentive customer service.”

S. Litfin


The Solution

As a team that was well versed in the legislative requirements of the hospitality industry, having worked closely with many not-for-profit hospitality venues over the years, SIVACOM was ideally placed to be the support team that CTA Training Specialists needed.

Our solution included development and management of;

  • Social media scheduling

  • Social media page management
  • Social media event management
  • Key platform integrations
  • eNewsletter creation and delivery
  • Article copywriting services

The Successful Result

Over the course of our 7-year relationship, SIVACOM is highly attuned to the legislative and time focused needs of the CTA Training Specialists marketing team, working closely with the Marketing Manager to deliver timely and accurate support as and when needed across multiple digital channels, ensuring that their digital presence is always on point and strictly adhering to the regulatory guidelines required for their highly competitive business.

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