Helping Searle’s RV grow their sales to become a leader in the highly competitive SEQ caravan and camper trailer market

  • Industry: Caravan & RV Dealership

  • Company Size: 10+ Employees

  • Location: Queensland

Searle’s RV Centre was established in Bundaberg by Ben Searle in 2008. However, Ben and his family’s association with motorhomes, caravans and the travelling lifestyle goes back much further. This historical dealership works with key manufacturers in the industry, dealing in the highest quality brands for new caravan sales, while simultaneously helping Australian’s get on the road more cost effectively with used caravans and motorhomes also.

While Ben and his team were exceptional at sales, servicing, warranty and repair, they realised they needed help getting their message out to the intrepid Australian explorers who needed to find a real solution to their travel desires, which is when they reached out to SIVACOM for help with their digital marketing efforts.

The Challenge

As a long standing and well-respected local company, Searle’s RV needed marketing support across all aspects of their digital presence. While their website was great when it was built, they needed a new site that was more up to date to keep pace with the fast-changing digital space. They had created social media channels and had been running them internally for many years, plus they had multiple listings on Google that needed to be reviewed and cleaned up.

With the recent boom in the industry, in order to succeed in this hotly contested space, the owners needed a strong foundation from which to continue their dominance in the local market, and a digital ecosystem that was cohesive and collaborative in order to get their message out effectively. They needed to generate awareness and leads for sustainable growth into the future.

Critical Issues

  • Dated website with limited functionality
  • Low value social presence
  • No digital leads
  • Limited search engine optimisation scores


“We met the team at SIVACOM through their great work with one of our manufacturers of new vans, we wanted them to do for us, what they did for Willow. We’ve been really happy with their service and the outcomes we are getting!”

B. Searle


The Solution

Based on their requirements, we offered a staged approach to achieve their goals, allowing them to stay within their agreed marketing budget allocation.

Our solution included staged development and management of;

  • A review of their brand logo and branding kit
  • A new, highly functional and sales driven website
  • Lead generation forms and landing pages to drive sales
  • Review and ongoing social media management for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel.
  • A complete overview of existing Google assets, finalise and integrate on dominant account.
  • Search Engine Optimisation built into the new site, employed within content and through social media.
  • Key platform integrations
  • Development of brochures, digital and print
  • Development of product video and imagery
  • Social media influencer support and guidance

The Successful Result

Over the course of 3 years, we have helped Searle’s RV grow their successful reputation beyond a localised dealer, to become one of South East Queensland’s leading caravan and RV dealerships for both their new and second hand offerings, as well as their service and repair support. Through the ongoing success of our digital marketing support, Searle’s RV have been able to grow their sales, hire new staff to manage their growth and forge stronger relationships with their local community through sponsorships.

“We have grown our support with Searle’s RV in stages, at their pace and always within their budgets. It is a such a great business with amazing people and we’re excited to be with them as they continue to grow.”  Scott Neilson – Director, SIVACOM

Of particular importance, we have been working with Searle’s to this point without paid advertising. Our success to date is thanks to the team’s vision and approval for us to deliver a solid foundational set up and a strong digital ecosystem, which includes a well-designed website, cohesive organic social media, targeted keyword-based search engine optimisation, as well as consistent and beautifully presented creative across their network.

“We met the team at SIVACOM through their great work with one of our manufacturers of new vans, we wanted them to do for us, what they did for Willow. We’ve been really happy with their service and the outcomes we are getting!”  Ben Searle – Founder, Searle’s RV Centre

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