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  • Not sure about internal staff or external agency
  • An agency offers 6 huge benefits, value for money, no staff issues, multi industry insights, short and long term solutions, the latest technology, and always up to date.
  • Whether it comes down to cost or outcomes, a digital agency offers huge benefits for your business

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As a small business owner, time is precious and digital marketing your brand can pull you away from other important tasks you need to focus on. No doubt you searched on Google, saw this article in a feed, or found a post about outsourcing on social media as you consider your marketing options – finding this article was only made possible by digital marketing done well.

Are you unsure whether you should be looking for an internal staff member or an agency? When deciding whether to outsource to an agency you should know about some of the (pretty big) advantages, so here’s our top 6 benefits to outsourcing with an agency.


Better value for money – For the same price as a marketing assistant/executive (or sometimes even less) you get a full team of experts on the payroll. Handling your digital marketing in house might make it difficult to use all the digital channels available to grow your business. Your internal team may have limited knowledge across all areas and will need help to achieve your goals. With the help of a specialist team you get a graphic designer, social media expert, email marketing guru, website designer, SEO specialist and copywriter all for one monthly retainer.


Staffing issues disappear – One of the keys to successful marketing is consistency and having your staff go on regular sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, unpaid leave or holiday leave means that at multiple points during the work year … they are not available to maintain a consistent digital marketing presence for your company. Having an agency on hand 24/7/365 means your presence will never suffer and, as a bonus you are paying for working hours and results, not breaks, sickness or leave of any kind.


Gain outside insight – Bringing in external consultants to run your digital marketing will give you a fresh outlook on your business. While working day in, day out in your business gives you an outstanding knowledge of your inner workings, bringing in an external marketing team can offer new perspectives and deeper data diving to provide you with a different approach to supporting your business, your products and services, even your clients.


More than just immediate leads – while some digital marketing agencies will wow you with big promises of “leads, leads, leads” there is more to marketing than just spending your money on advertising. A true team of experts will offer you a comprehensive package that touches on all aspects of digital marketing from the foundational aspects like developing your digital ecosystem and creating your digital marketing strategy, to the tactics and execution of advertising, SEO, and social media. More than just instant gratification, a good marketing agency will begin future proofing your marketing from the beginning.


Access to the latest technology – most in-house marketing divisions are often tech-deprived. Alternatively, they have a mixed bag of incompatible marketing technology. With an agency, you can be guaranteed they have the very latest technology and knowledge to deliver performance-based marketing and provide you up to the minute guidance, support and implementation to ensure your goals are met and exceeded.


Up to date industry knowledge – The digital landscape is in a constant state of change, keeping up with the latest technology updates, advertising strategies or trends is almost a full-time job in of itself. Digital marketing agencies live and breathe the digital space, spending a solid amount of their time keeping up with current platform requirements, skills, techniques and strategies available in the marketplace.

Regardless of whether you focus on cost or outcomes, working closely with an external agency offers a wealth of benefits for your company and your bottom line. If you would like to discuss your digital marketing with a team of professionals, get in touch with SIVACOM today and discover the benefits to outsourcing for yourself.