Willow RV grows at over 32% year on year with SIVACOM

As a leading Australian manufacturer of luxury caravans, Willow RV required a holistic digital marketing agency to help them launch and expand in a highly competitive market.

  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Company Size: 30+ Employees

  • Location: Victoria

In 2017, Willow RV was a brand-new manufacturer in the crowded caravan and camper van industry in Australia, with the Directors spending over 50 years combined in the industry prior to coming together to launch their own unique brand. Their caravans are a reflection of their design philosophy of quality and innovation, with a goal to develop luxury and functional caravans made by Australians, for Australians, with the ability to stand up to the harsh Australian terrain and weather.

While the ownership team were exceptional engineers and manufacturers, they quickly realised they needed help getting their message out to the intrepid Australian explorers who needed to find a real solution to their travel desires, which is when they reached out to SIVACOM for help with their digital marketing efforts.

The Challenge

Critical Issues

  • No marketing strategy
  • No website
  • No social media presence
  • No leads
  • Limited budgets

As a new company, Willow needed marketing support across all aspects of their digital presence. Starting out with a single landing page, they had created social media channels and a basic business listing on Google, however, they knew they needed to progress further. In order to succeed in this hotly contested space, the owners needed a strong foundation from which to launch into the market, and a digital ecosystem that was cohesive and collaborative in order to get their message out effectively. They needed to generate awareness and leads for sustainable growth into the future.

Alongside their own branding and digital presence requirements, Willow was also looking to support their growing national dealership network, with a goal to supply a constant pipeline of qualified leads to their dealership teams across the country. Partnering with SIVACOM, we worked together to implement a cost effective, integrated marketing strategy that has driven the company to consistent growth of over 32% year on year for going on 4 years, and we’re only just getting started!


Wow – how did we not find you sooner! SIVACOM has a great understanding of our business and gets results. Turning our digital presence around and delivering. Thanks team – keep up the great work!

E. Wills


The Solution

Based on their budget requirements, we offered a staged approach to achieve their goals, allowing them to stay within their launch budget allocation. Starting with an overarching strategy that clearly outlined their marketspace, competitors, along with a detailed staged plan of activities and corresponding timelines, we were able to break down their growth, in line with their budgets, proceeding only when we achieved key sales goals to ensure the affordability of their marketing moving forward.

Our solution included staged development and management of;

  • Their brand logo and branding kit
  • A new website
  • Lead generation forms that allocated leads direct to dealerships, sorted by region
  • Set up and ongoing social media management for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels
  • Full set up of Google and Microsoft search assets
  • Search Engine Optimisation built into the new site, employed within content and through social media.
  • Key platform integrations
  • Development of brochures, digital and print
  • Development of product video and imagery
  • Social media influencer support and guidance

The Successful Result

Over the course of 4 years, we have helped Willow RV become one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers, delivering consistent year on year growth of over 32% in this highly competitive marketspace. Through the ongoing success of our digital marketing support, Willow RV have introduced 3 x new lines of caravans to market and secured consistent pre-orders for the next 2 years.

Simultaneously, we have also delivered marketing and creative design support to their multiple dealerships to ensure they can effectively display and sell Willow caravans, as well as ensuring they are ready for major caravanning events across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

“We have grown our support with Willow in stages, at their pace and always within their budgets. It’s a dream partnership with amazing people and we can’t wait to see what the next 4 years brings.”
Scott Neilson – Director, SIVACOM

Of particular importance, we have achieved this success for them without any advertising spend, through a solid foundational set up and a strong digital ecosystem, which includes a well designed website, cohesive organic social media, targeted keyword-based search engine optimisation, a consistent content strategy, Facebook group and influencer support and guidance, as well as consistent and beautifully presented creative across their network.

“We get calls all the time from other marketing agencies who now want to work with us because of our success, we don’t even entertain them. Why would we? We have SIVACOM!”
Ian Jow – Director of Manufacturing and Production

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