‘Tis the Season to be Social … Fa la la la


It’s that glorious time year again … food, drinks, friends, family, and some more food, however, the holiday season is not the time to take a social media vacation! You are going to have to remain active to ensure that all your hard work during the year doesn’t drop off and disappear, leaving you to restart again after the holidays!

Keep active on all your usual platforms, prepare your audience for the new year and prime them to keep on loving your brand! If you haven’t already, now is the time to get organised! Here’s our hot tips on what you need to be doing right now to feel the social love through the break!

Get organised
Make sure your social media calendar has all the important, key dates locked and loaded so you don’t miss an opportunity to engage with your followers. You will want to have plenty of promotional content ready to go, along with your best wishes for the season – after all, this time of year is not all about the sales, it’s about good wishes and wonderful times.

Stay Active
Plan ahead so your digital marketing can keep going while you take a well-deserved break! You are going to need to keep your pages rolling through the season, so prep some videos, take some pics and write some posts … then schedule them in for the key dates that you marked in your calendar. Encourage your online community to share, like and comment with their own experiences during the holidays.

Give Gifts
Why not throw in a gift this Christmas? A great way to keep your business moving is to give your followers a gift, this could be as simple as a free information download, a coupon or the ability to win VIP tickets to attend the opening screening of the latest Star Wars Movie (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more). Make your followers and customer feel like you are celebrating together this season!

Tell Stories
Use this time to reflect on the year that was, share stories that your customers and followers can relate to. Showcase milestones, wins, introduce your team and what they are doing for Christmas and New Years, share cooking hints and tips, decorating wins (and funny fails) and invite your followers to share their highlights and plans too! Create highly relatable, emotional content that will pull at the heart strings, evoke nostalgia, or simply make them laugh! Help them relate to you … after all, we’re all human!

This holiday season take the time to create posts, or advertise interesting content that delivers a positive contribution to your fans day, as well their social media experience, and above all – have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s! You, like your followers, work hard all year … so celebrate your wins, share your joy and have a wonderful time!