Content Marketing Strategy

For over a decade, content has reigned king. Prior to the internet, content marketing was the foundation to building a quality brand and developing a following of loyal fans. 

With the rise and rise of the internet, content is becoming even more important. Without content you will not rank on search engine results. Without content your brand has nothing to offer on social media. Without content, how will you effectively market in this customer centric market, to an audience that craves multiple touch points and volumes of information before they will event talk to you about your products? 

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Every day, the web delivers immeasurable amounts of content; blogs, vlogs, posts, tweets, articles, case studies, videos, podcasts, memes, photos, videos and so much more. So the real question is, how does your content cut through the sheer volume of information that bombards users everyday?

Content for contents sake is just a waste of time and money. The real deal is researching exactly what your ideal customer wants, then delivering that content through the channels that they regularly use. It’s figuring out what time they are online consuming content. It’s understanding whether they prefer short or long form, still image or video, the list could go on. 

Developing a genuine content strategy is the first step in truly reaching your audience. Without knowing what they want, when they want it and where they want it, you are immediately on the content back foot. 

Your content marketing strategy is all about the why. Why are you creating content? Why would your potential customers read it? Why would you place it there? Why is your content better than your competitors? Why would your customers care? 

Not only do you need a content marketing strategy, you desperately need to document it. You’ll be far more likely to justify spend, be effective and resonate with your audience.