From what was the most humbling beginnings, Greenbank RSL particularly in the new millennium has been able to contribute in excess of $5 million in cash donations to both RSL and community based organisations and charities. We provide a considerable support for many and various worthy causes not to mention the many long-term sponsorships and scholarships. The grand total of all this has almost become immeasurable as there are now so many groups and organisations that utilise our premise to raise funds. These unselfish volunteers have always impressed as they give their own time to fundraise with little or no personal reward.

The Brief

Hailed as one of, if not the, largest not-for-profit community clubs in Queensland, The Greenbank RSL social media management provided an opportunity for the Club to reassess its social presence and member engagement.

With a huge online following, the brief was to help:
Raise the level of engagement on social media channels;
Encourage members and visitors to share their experience with the club;
Deliver a deeper understanding of their members and visitors to create better experiences.

The Solution

Working closely with the marketing team, a long-term social media management brisbane that dovetailed with their overarching club marketing and public relations strategies, was developed. Currently in its initial stages, a comprehensive review of the club’s online presence was undertaken and social engagement levels since the page launch were analysed.

After discovering a greater understanding of their social community, a strategy is currently unfolding to inspire existing users to engage more with the club online, as well as encourage new members to come on board socially.

With future plans to redevelop the website for a full suite of integration tools, this proud club is excited about growing its relationship both on and offline with its members and visitors. Well into the future.

Social Media Management – Community Centric Approach

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