The Social Media Brief

Sekisui House Australia has a long history of award winning ecotourism and sustainable development throughout Australia and the world. Sekisui’s objectives for their social media presence were:

Improve transparency of their project for the local community
Deliver factual information about their new coastal village
Provide a space online to hold conversations with locals
Discover the needs of the region to deliver an ideal destination
Monitor the conversation about the new coastal village across the web

The Solution

After holding workshop sessions with Sekisui, Sivacom property developement marketing developed a comprehensive social media strategy to complement their overarching marketing, public relations and community engagement plans.

Using scheduling and monitoring tools allows the client to pre-approve their brand message, maintain a connection with conversations outside of their dedicated platforms and offers high levels of flexibility for on the fly requirements that arise.

Our approach has provided an opportunity to transparently deliver on their community focused approach through feedback, online conversations and direct traffic flow towards their dedicated website.