It’s Time to Give Your Content Some Love.

There is a reason that the saying “Content is King” is so widely known!

Content marketing is not about doing another digital marketing campaign. It’s about creating a culture of using unique and relevant content to drive results that matter to your business – results like traffic, leads and sales. 

If you’re looking to fill your sales funnel, for the love of all things digital, start focusing on your content!

Now I can already hear you moaning about the time and effort required for strategy and planning, nothing puts a hold on taking action like waiting for the strategy/plan to be perfect… Just get it going!!

By just getting going, you can learn on the fly, you’ll be increasing your brand visibility, posting more interesting info on your social media channels, increasing traffic to your website, gaining new leads and increasing sales as you go! Then, once you get comfortable and find your favourite content style/platforms, you can begin to be more strategic.

Can you believe those stats?

  • 54% = the increase in leads that inbound marketing creates over outbound marketing.
  • 67% = the percentage of leads generated by B2B marketers that blog monthly over those who don’t
  • 1000+% = the increase in traffic that SEO drives in comparison to organic social media

It beggars’ belief that more people don’t launch at this effective option.

Don’t have time? That’s what content creators are for!

Give them a dot point outline of a topic and let them get creative! Whether it is through your agency, or a freelancer, or through a great visual tool like Canva, JUST START.

Takes too long to see ROI. Use your paid advertising to fill the gap or combine the two for even more epic results!

You’re most likely already spending thousands on paid advertising per year, so adding content to your box of tricks will only supercharge your results.

Everything begins with content. In today’s integrated web environment, getting the right message to the right people at the right time is critical. Reaching those all-important touch points requires consistency and plenty of relevant content to excite your audience.

If you need a hand to develop your digital ecosystem content planning, creation, and execution, hit us up on the contact page, we’re here if you need us.