How Social Media is Transforming Destination Tourism Marketing

How Social Media is Transforming Destination Tourism Marketing

There is no denying it (no matter how hard you try), the rise and rise of social media is fundamentally changing the way tourism businesses communicate with their target market.

Travellers are researching well before they even leave their homes, they are spending hours online working out everything from potential destinations, to the activities that they participate in once they arrive. Digital marketing has greatly impacted consumers and how they are using social media to make purchasing decisions is heavily influencing tourism marketing from start to finish!

Here’s what you need to know…


Your potential visitors are already using social media – with or without you, they are online with a vengeance. You need to be there, for the good times and the bad times, you need to be online and active, because the travellers heading your way are!


Mobile is the key – not only are your clients mobile, they are on their mobile and they are active! Age is no barrier to mobile technology, so whether you are trying to attract the Grey Nomads on the trip of their retired lives, or the Millennials looking for a new experience, make sure your website is mobile responsive. Be on social media, because let’s be honest, it was made for mobile and is often the first place people will start searching for destinations and recommendations.


Be consistent – posting once every other month, or not posting for long periods of time can lead people to believing that you are no longer open! You must maintain a regular posting schedule, fill your social feeds with great content like what to do when you are in the area, major events that are on, the best café or restaurants within walking distance and of course amazing photos and videos of your place! Give them every reason to choose you as their destination.


Don’t be afraid – we have all heard the horror stories about bad reviews, loud complaints and the impact they can have on a business. These events, while they can be scary, can also be an opportunity for you to right a wrong and create client for life! Don’t shy away from the bad news, embrace it and show everyone out there that you are willing to admit your faults and offer to fix them. It will make you look like a great place to visit and wonderful people to know, because you have shown that you care enough to try and fix whatever problem that particular visitor might have experienced.


Engagement matters – You absolutely, positively must engage with the digital world. Your clients are online, they are asking questions, talking about destinations with their friends, asking about and sharing their experiences, and reviewing your social media channels, however, if you’re not there to help them…. They’ll tune out pretty darn quickly!

Social media truly has altered the landscape of tourism marketing. With travellers determining their travel plans based on reviews, shares, feedback and content, making online customer service through social media a priority is now critical in building your positive brand reputation and keeping the punters coming back for more!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, encourage your favourite visitors to give you a positive review, share their images, comment on their posts when they tag your destination and talk about what a great time they had. You already have great interactions when they visit you, so why not take it online and keep the relationship going.

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