It’s not the sexiest Facebook marketing guide…

Facebook marketing guide…

but it’s worth a read if you’re serious about getting better at your marketing…

Facebook has recently released a new guide on effective digital marketing test processes. Focussing on the data and the testing that helps you to better understand what it is your audience wants and when to give it to them, this guide looks at a range of common testing problems, and then steps out how you can avoid or overcome them!

Prepare for the Unexpected: A Guide to Testing and Learning with Incrementality Measurement, is explained by Facebook:

It’s natural to hope all experiments will go smoothly, but the unexpected can occur. While unforeseen testing problems may seem detrimental, they also offer opportunities for marketers to learn.


With multiple digital sources offering the “blueprint” to online marketing, laden with suggestions like, “don’t do anything else, video is king” or that “traditional posting is a thing of the past”, it pays to test your own market.

As is often the case, without testing, just “doing what everyone else is doing”, or following the mainstream assumptions based on mass data across a broad industry base, may not work for your niche audience. The only way to know what it is that your audience wants to see, read, listen to or watch is to trial and trial again.

So if you are serious about understanding effective testing and how to avoid obvious slip-ups, then grab a coffee, find a quiet place, click here to download the guide, and have a read for yourself.