Don’t Rely on Social Media, Own Your Online Presence

I work with a whole range of amazing clients, all over Australia, on their social media, SEO, content, digital advertising and creative, but the one issue we continually have is trying to explain the relevance of an absolutely cracking website!

I mean I get it, I really do… the whole world is going bananas for social media! That’s where “everyone” is and where people are most likely to connect with you, albeit in a fluffy round-a-bout kind of way (admit it, you love it when you see that like or share appear in your Facebook notifications, the instant gratification is a high that you just can’t deny).

However, while social media is definitely a critical tactic within any marketing strategy, it is just that… one tactic and it should not come at the expense of owning the content on your website.

Like a billboard, radio, blog, banner, newsletter, flyer, magazine editorial, or even TV advert – social media is just one activity amongst many. But when you think about it a bit harder, where do you send the people that read the adverts? To your website! Yes – your website so you can capture their details, give them more information, offer your phone number so they can call you, showcase your awesomeness in all its digital glory!

The goal of every single piece of content you produce and send out into the world, whether it is an article, post, video, image or infographic, should (nay MUST) drive customers to you direct – whether it is a phone call, email, or a website landing page – it always comes down to getting the prospect to contact you directly in some way.

Your website is the one place online that you own. Like your home, you own it, you maintain it, you love it and cherish it and you don’t just let it sit there, stagnant and decrepit. Do you?

Put it this way, if you invite friends or family over to your home, do you just leave the dishes in the sink, the bathroom a little manky, the bills open on the kitchen table and the washing unfolded in the living room? No, you don’t. You clean up like your social life depends on it, like the very fact that someone could possibly ever think that your home is in anything other than magazine quality condition at all times is an affront to your good name!

Your website should be the same. It is your digital business home, the only place where you control everything. It is a place where you can genuinely put your best foot forward, showcase how amazing your product or service is, elaborate on industry topics and let people shop ‘til their mouse hand drops and they can’t shop no more!

The reality is, people will form opinions about you and your business when they visit your website. By allowing your website to languish, you are harming your brand and reputation. Outdated information, wrong contact details, the last blog post dated 6 months ago, and all the other online sins can literally leave people wondering if you are still in business?

Even worse, before you even get the chance to speak with a prospect, your outdated content, 5-year-old design and incorrect information laden website has given them doubt. Business is already competitive enough, there are always objections to overcome, don’t start on the backfoot and give them their first objection before you even speak to them… if you actually get to speak to them! Your clients could easily be thinking… “If you can’t even keep your website updated and fresh (the small things), how on earth could you possibly handle my important project (the big things)?

So please, for the love of all things digital, take the time to freshen up your website; create a fresh landing page for each campaign, write a quick blog, update your contact details, double check your internal links are all working, you get the drift!

The allure of utilising social media as a replacement for your website is strong, but don’t make this mistake. Social media is just one of many marketing tactics to beef up your arsenal. Social platforms are busy, loud and your brand is mixed in with over 1 billion other people screaming for attention.

Turn your effort to maintaining your website and create a place just for you and your clients, a digital location where you are in control, not at the whim of the latest algorithm update or change to privacy laws that cut off your direct relationship with your current and potential clients.

Own your online presence and more importantly own your contacts and how you communicate with them, because at any time, the big platforms could go the way of Six Degrees, Friendster or Blogger … and with it, your connection to your ability to earn an income.

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