Does Social Media Enhance your SEO Efforts?


While we regularly talk about how good Social Media is for any size business in terms of reach, engagement, and branding; one of the hotly debated concepts in the industry is how it can support your SEO goals.

In the 2017 findings published by Econsultany in their State of Seach Marketing Report, one of the more interesting outcomes was that 74% of companies and 82% of agencies agreed that social media is either somewhat or highly integrated into their SEO strategy!

So, the basic answer is Yes… Social Media does help SEO, however, it may not help how you think it does.

Correlation over cause
Google has stipulated that social shares don’t necessarily count as individual links, however, if you create good content, it will succeed on social media, people will like it and link to it, which does offer a boost your search rank! This showcases a correlation between social media success and SEO growth.

This great infographic from Lyfe Marketing showcases the relationship beautifully.

It’s not about the shares

While Facebook shares were once touted as the social signal that counted, it is actually the links within the shares that matter. For example, if you create a great article, you then post it to Facebook, it gets shared around, what really matters is that someone finds this link interesting enough to link back to it within their blog, website, digital article… voila, solid and organic backlinks ensue!

While it is the backlink it created, not necessarily the share itself that matters – without the social share, the backlink may have never happened.

Click Throughs Count

We all know that click-through rates on your website can impact your rankings on search engines. By using Social media to build awareness of your brand and reach a large audience, you increase the likelihood that people will click through to your website.

Companies will click on a trusted and credible brand when scrolling through search results, using social media is an efficient and effective way to build your brand, grow your audience and create trust and credibility.

Don’t forget the Google Social

While it is common knowledge in marketing circles, did you know that Google owns YouTube? Google owning YouTube gives your videos and inherent edge in search engine results, however, it is the natural links within your published video that help you to gain the authority.

Don’t forget Google+, another platform owned by Google and let’s be honest, using Google Tools will always help you to achieve higher rankings for your keywords. Quick ranking and promotion of your content is a pretty good reason to consider the not-so-popular Google+

Social Media is its own search engine

Just going to drop in here that Facebook alone has 2.2 billion active monthly users worldwide, with 1.15 billion daily active mobile users. On its own, Facebook serves over 2 billion search queries per day and it’s continually growing; and while that is approximately 50% less that what Google boasted a couple of years back, it’s no tiny figure and certainly worth your time and effort.

To sum it all up, the relationship between social media and SEO is important to understand because, while more and more people are spending higher amounts of their time performing daily interactions on social media platforms, search still remains a key driver of traffic for most websites. As such, it’s a crucial consideration for businesses and the correlation of your social and SEO cannot be denied.