Our Approach To Digital Marketing Consultation

Prior to launching SIVACOM our founders were National Marketing and Communications Managers with decades of experience between them. They were once leaders of teams who were time poor and skills short – just like our clients. So who are we?

We are not a digital or advertising agency, we are a pure digital marketing consultation business based in Brisbane! It’s what we are to our clients that matters. To them we are an extension of their marketing team … a dedicated, talented and qualified crew with all the traditional and digital marketing skills they can call on when they need them.

At SIVACOM we believe in delivering Solutions, Information, Value and Access for our clients! We support them to achieve their marketing vision through both traditional and digital avenues offering the skill sets they need, as they need them, to realise their business goals.

Our independent team of copywriters, editors, public relation specialists, social media marketers, web developers, designers and digital marketers provide as much or as little as you need, for your digital marketing consultation.

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, get in touch, we’d love to meet you and your business!

SIVACOM Digital Marketing Agency

SIVACOM is a dynamic, fresh and results-driven marketing agency based on the bayside of Brisbane. Tailoring strategic content support to organisations and agencies across Australia, SIVACOM offers leading industry expertise with a professional yet personalised approach to achieving organisational goals.

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SIVA – The new marketing mix

Marketing is evolving, moving away from companies holding the power, towards the consumer. In order to remain relevant and successful in the developing digital space, adopting a customer-oriented approach needs to be taken – this is where the SIVA marketing mix comes in.

Traditionally, organisations relied on the 4 P’s of marketing, a company centric approach to marketing to reach end users.

As a result, most marketing concepts and techniques focus almost exclusively on acquiring new customers and generating more profitable transactions through cross-selling and up-selling, as opposed to developing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers over time. The later has been proven to be more cost effective and better for businesses, and clients, over a whole of life transaction cycle.

Reducing customer turnover has become the new market(ing) mantra and yet with the four Ps approach, it is much less likely to happen.

Taking a new approach to building the business for and around the customer must become one of the firm’s core competencies. Marketing must become a process in which all the customer-touching elements are connected and aligned.

Taking a different view, the SIVA principle looks to first build a customer focused approach and then integrate internal activities and processes around it. In a nutshell, the SIVA approach is based solely around what the customer wants and needs.

Tailoring the marketing to deliver solutions not just products, offering information over promotion, creating value for the client in more ways than price, and providing access however, whenever and wherever the customer wants to experience it, over just placement of products on a shelf.

Let’s take a look at each of these areas:

SIVA supports and builds on the true marketing concept – finding customer needs, wants, or desires and then fulfilling them at a benefit to both the organisation and the client. We believe in the future of this model so much, we named our company after it!

If you are looking to create customer centric approach to your marketing to grow your business in this integrated, networked and fully connected market space, give us a call at SIVACOM today to find out how we can work together.