When Content Marketing Met Social Media Marketing, What Happened?

Content Marketing Brisbane - When Content Marketing Met Social Media Marketing

I think most marketers would be pretty confident in saying that social media and content marketing go hand in hand. Yes … we are aware that social media marketing and content marketing are two very different beasts, however, there is a quality in their overlap that makes everyone happy!

If you need a little proof. A recent Content Marketing Institute research paper found that 93% of B2B marketers list social media as one of their top five tactics for content marketing!

The relationship works like this. Content is a primary driver of social media, while social media performs 2 essential processes for content marketing:

1. Audience Insights – you can use your social media channels to really listen to your audience to discover what they actually care about, and to help you deliver content that they (not you) will consider relevant.

2. Content Distribution – using your multiple channels to deliver this wonderful, fresh and eagerly anticipated content to your adoring fans!

It would appear in this digital day and age, that one cannot entirely succeed without the other! In the end though, all marketing strategies have the same goal – leads, sales & successful world domination by your business (and of course the glory of absolutely nailing your marketing).

Social media is one of the primary vehicles for a content marketing campaign, moreover, social media offers a variety of opportunities that go over and above simple information dissemination.

Are you familiar with the three tiers of social media promotion?

  • Owned – This is your original or unique content. Sharing your content on your own social media channels. It’s quick, customisable, and a free opportunity to connect (and engage, one must use the buzzwords) with your target audience.
  • Paid – This is your original or unique contact … supercharged by cold hard cash. All social channels have their own magical advertising avenues to help you get in front of your clients … for a cost. You have the opportunity to match your brand persona with the network’s demographics, which helps you determine where to invest to get the best bang for your buck (Note: I would strongly advise doing this manually, allowing the network to decide for you can be costly – Google, I am looking at you).
  • Sweet Sweet Viral Goodness – OK so that is not necessarily a technical term per se, but it is the most valuable, while simultaneously being the hardest to create! (I mean let’s be honest, who could have predicted that Gangnam Style would have been such a big hit?! We are still confused about that one, yet strangely, we can still break out the moves if the occasion calls for it). This tier occurs when your stunning piece of original content is so popular that your audience shares it with their networks, who in turn share it with their networks, so on and so forth!

Each social network tends to gather a different type of user, and has its own special nuances. For example, you just wouldn’t use hashtags on Facebook (no matter how hard they try, that bird is not flying). This means that understanding the vernacular and the user type for each platform you use is going to be pretty important to your social content strategy success!

So, to recap … content needs social media and social media needs content. It’s a case of using the strengths of each marketing tactic to your best advantage to ensure that your audience is getting what they want, when they want it, and on the platform they want it, with the goal of getting some of that sweet sweet viral goodness!

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