Click Start Your Business in 2018

Marketing Strategy - Click Start Your Business in 2018

The 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report just dropped online, and the results may surprise you!

Delving into the complex relationship between consumers and small businesses, exploring the various challenges and opportunities in how they find, communicate and transact with each other.

The bottom line is…

If you’re not nailing it online, you’re going to miss out on massive opportunities in 2018!

Last November, Telstra’s Smarter Business conducted two parallel surveys: one targeting more than 1000 small businesses; the other targeting more than 1000 consumers across Australia. The consumer survey asked about their expectations and behaviours when finding and transacting with small businesses. Meanwhile, the small business survey asked what they believe customers want and explored the tactics they currently use to hopefully meet these needs.

A comparison of the results reveals a number of differences, representing a gap between customer behaviours and wants on one side and what small businesses are delivering on the other.

  • How do businesses find customers?
  • Where do customers look for products and services?
  • What do customers value most when selecting a small business?
  • What is more likely to put them off?
  • And, yes, how does technology potentially enhance or hinder the experience for both?

For the complete round up, you can download the full report here.

Make this year the year you “Click Start” your business! If you need a hand with your digital marketing, web design and SEO services to take advantage of the massive opportunity that digital can offer your business, head to our contact page, pop your details in and then let us know how we can help!