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Let’s be honest, you really need to be connecting with your clients on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn in this digital age; because, if you’re not, we’d bet your bottom bitcoin that your competitors are!

There’s so much to think about, strategy, creating and curating content, best time to post, latest updates, new trends, competitors, audience, reach, engagement, likes, rules, we could go on …  what we’re trying to say is, even the most savvy personal Facebooker could potentially struggle with the day to day maintenance and upkeep of a busy business social schedule.

Social media marketing is one cog in the massive machine that is internet marketing. It involves creating, curating, and sharing content on multiple social media networks to help your business achieve it’s marketing goals.

It includes activities like positing video, image and text updates, keeping up with the latest trends or algorithm changes, and understanding how to integrate your social with other marketing activities to help you drive effective audience engagement with your brand, both on and offline.

Social media is now a necessity for your overarching marketing strategy. It is a highly targeted tool in your marketing arsenal, and while likes are lovely, you need to be focused on meaningful metrics and turning online engagement into bottom line enhancing activity.

Our social media marketing goal is to remove the time consuming complexity of social media marketing from your day to day business activities, to allow you to maintain your focus on what you do best.

More than just building your audience and delivering on-platform engagement, our social media management drives your customers to take direct action with you and your brand. We work as part of your team to deliver digital marketing success across your chosen social media platforms.

What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing tactic used to reach customers via social media platforms.

Social media marketing utilises social media websites, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn, to deliver unique and relevant content to users. Delivered correctly, those users will then share with their social networks, which helps to grow reach, exposure and sales opportunities for brands, directly to their target market.

Many businesses tend to go about their social media marketing the wrong way, believing that just a having social media presence and sharing information intermittently on every conceivable platform is enough.

However, just like traditional marketing channels such as TV commercials, print advertising and radio, your results will barely matter if you are aiming your content at the wrong crowd.

Unlike traditional marketing channels, social media has revolutionised how we engage with our customers. It has delivered the ability for brands to connect and interact with consumers on a more dynamic and personalised level, creating a two-way dialogue and offering greater insights into their buying behaviour.

Each social media platform is unique in it’s tone, content style, social actions and audience expectations, so a one size fits all approach will not cut the digital mustard.

More than just engagement, social media also helps build links that support your search engine optimisation efforts, delivers real time customer service, as well as helping you to keep an eye on competitors in your space.

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