Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in our $299 Social Presence Plan but find yourself wanting to know a little bit more before you sign on, then this is the place for you!

Below are the questions we get asked most often, compiled in an easy to read format, to help you gain all the facts before you make your decision to move forward. 

Something Missing?

If you read through the below comprehensive FAQs and find that you still have unanswered questions, let us know! 

We regularly update this page to cover off on as many questions as we can, so if you need to know about something that is not covered here, visit our Contact Sivacom page and let us know – we’ll most likely add it in for future clients!

Social Media Management FAQs

We don’t currently have a Twitter or LinkedIn page. Can you post to Instagram instead?

While we can absolutely post to your Instagram business page for you, due to the complexity, imagery, strategy and styling required, we aren’t able to substitute it within our entry level $299 Social Presence Plan. Our core plan presently includes Facebook plus Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

We can however, create a Twitter or LinkedIn Company account for you for a one-off fee of $149 + GST, or discuss upgrading your account to include Instagram. We will just have to have a conversation first to work out your budgets and image requirements in more detail, so we get it perfect for you.

Simply send your request through to our Contact Sivacom page, provide us with your best contact details and one of our team members will get in touch during work hours to discuss further with you!

Who will be posting to my social pages?

A well-trained, dedicated Content Specialist will be the one finding and sharing content for your accounts. Our Content Specialists are just that – specialists in social media content. They spend hours scouring the web, searching for relevant content to share on your accounts. Their goal is to deliver information to your audience the way you would if you had the time. We’re big on taking ownership and responsibility for our work, and it shows in everything we do.

All of our Content Specialists speak English as a first language. We never outsource to non-English or English as a second language countries for any of our social media marketing services.

Plus, your posts will be Aussie English, no Z instead of S action here! The owners of Sivacom are born and bred Australian and have been working in the digital marketing and communications industry here for a combined 30+ years, so you can be confident that your posts will be tailored for the Aussie market unless you tell us otherwise!

How will you know what to post for my company?

Once you are onboard, our content team will start by researching your industry, competitors, and target market based on the detailed information that you have provided us with during your social media set up.

By the time the first post uploads to your page, we will have a great idea of you, your business and your industry, helping us to figure out the best information to send out for your audience.

We’ll also send you advance schedules for review (if you choose this option during set up), so you can quickly check your posts each week and let us know if something doesn’t fit! Offering full transparency for your presence is important to us.

How do I get you the information you need to manage my posts?

As part of our 4-step sign on process, we get you to provide us with very detailed information through our profile questionnaire or social media set up, including information about your competitors, tone of voice, topics, geographic areas, audience, etc. Then, after signing up, you’ll be provided with links to give us scheduling and posting access to your social media profiles.

What kind of results can I expect from using your service?

Great question! Without results, even $299 is too much. The benefits of our $299 Social Presence Plan are threefold:


A consistent social media presence. When someone clicks on the Facebook icon on your site or finds you through the platform, you want them to see an active presence, and you want them to see that the quality of your content is high and demonstrates your expertise (see #2 below). We don’t just post “Happy Hump Day” and a picture of a camel (unless of course that is what you want ;). We pride ourselves on finding quality content that is unique, interesting, and encourages engagement.


Building expertise. Because we research your industry and target audience thoroughly from the beginning, and because we encourage your feedback on an ongoing basis, the content we post on your behalf helps to demonstrate your expertise in your field.


Google and other search engines are becoming increasingly interested in your social media presence. Search engines want to return relevant, legitimate links when someone searches for a term, and having a consistent presence on social media is one indicator that your website (and your business) are legitimate and credible.

Only $299 a month including GST? What’s the catch?

There is absolutely no catch – no hidden fees, no price increases, no “$299 for the first few months and then double moving forward.”

You pay $299 per month, including GST, for the social media presence plan that’s outlined in detail here on the site. You get everything listed in the plan.

If you feel you need a more strategic approach, or a higher level of support, get in touch via our Contact Sivacom page – we work with everyone from small business and entrepreneurs, to global companies and government, delivering multiple levels of support for varying budgets. We can easily tailor digital marketing services to meet your dedicated needs and budget!

What if I need something more robust than your $299 Social Media Presence Plan?

We are also a full-service agency, so if you need more of an enterprise solution, get in touch with us, and we’ll be glad to discuss your needs.

Our $299 Social Presence Plan is our entry level support offering, specifically created to help out busy businesses, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs.

We work with everyone from small business to global companies and government, across multiple levels of support. We can easily tailor digital marketing services to meet your dedicated needs!

Do I have to sign a contract?

We have a basic agreement for you to sign online, but it’s not a time reliant contract to purchase services that locks you in. It just spells out the terms of our service and lays out our obligations (do the work we promised) and your obligations (pay for the work we do).

You can cancel anytime you’d like. We just ask for 10 days written notice to stop work and finalise monthly billing on your account.

Can I still post on my own profiles?

Of course! They belong to you, and you can be involved as much or as little as you’d like. You can even change or edit our posts when they go live if you choose to – we think that’s great! Your posting and editing activities will help us to better understand your needs moving forward!

What if I have specific products, promotions or specials that I want to promote?

You have full control over your page, your posts and your content, so you can easily add anything special to your page yourself at any time, e.g. your promotions, launch products, or specials.

Plus, because we send you a weekly schedule in advance (that includes times and dates) you can easily slot your posts in at appropriate times so we don’t double up or post within minutes of each other.

What if I have questions or want to provide feedback on what is being posted to my pages?

We love to hear feedback, and our support team is here to make sure we’re hitting the mark with your social media content.

We have a dedicated email support system that you can use to provide any feedback or queries about your account.

Simply email and one of our professional Content Specialists will be sure to respond to you within 24 hours, during the work week of Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm EST.

Can I choose what time you post to my accounts?

We cannot offer this level of specificity within our $299 Social Presence Plan; however, you can be assured that your posts will go live during business hours in the timezone where you are located.

Can I approve or edit posts before they go live?

Absolutely! When you go through our sign on process, you can choose to receive a weekly email summary that clearly outlines what we will be posting that you can provide feedback on before anything goes live.

Can you help with other Social Media Platforms?

We sure can.

At the moment we offer Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of our entry level Social Media Presence Plan. 

Outside of our Social Media Presence Plan, we can offer support across multiple platforms including, but not limited to, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Analytics, Blogs, and even review sites like TripAdvisor. 

If you need support across multiple platforms, simply send your request through to our Contact Sivacom page, provide us with your best contact details and one of our team members will get in touch during work hours to discuss further with you!

Do you respond to messages, comments and any other activities on our pages?

With our Social Media Presence Plan, we only have access to schedule and post to your pages, so we cannot access your messages, or respond as your business to queries and comments on your post!

Besides, this is a great opportunity for you and your team to engage with your clients online, so make sure your notifications are live on your mobile app and get chatting with your clients … we’ll look after the posts, so you can look after the people!

If, however, you do feel like you need this level of support, get in touch via our Contact Sivacom page and one of our team members will contact you to discuss your individual needs further. 

How will your team have the localised knowledge for my business?

When you sign up for our $299 Social Media Presence Plan, our Content Specialist spends a considerable amount of time researching your industry and target market. If you’re trying to reach a local audience – wherever they may be – your local area is part of that research.

As you go through our social set up section, you will be able to provide us with comprehensive information about your company, your location, your audience and more.

By filling out this section in as much detail as possible, you point us in the right direction, helping us to deliver the very best content, when and where you need it delivered, individualised for your business. 

I was quoted over $1,200 a month by another company for social media management. How can you do it for this price?

Our $299 Social Presence Plan is designed for busy businesses, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs who are looking for a basic presence package to keep their pages up to date online.

Most marketing agencies in Australia look to work with medium to large companies who require personalised and dedicated strategic support, advertising management and whole of business digital marketing services, and they price their work accordingly – which is more than fair for the work they do.

While we perform this more strategic service also, we remember what it was like starting out (doing everything, wearing every hat, working every weekend), so we wanted to deliver a presence based, time saving option that wouldn’t break the bank but would still provide a great service for a reasonable price.

Will this service help me increase my page likes and/or followers?

Because we are posting high-quality, interesting content to your profiles, you can expect to see some organic growth in followers, likes, etc. While this is not the focus of the $299 Social Presence Plan, it is often one of the benefits.

If you’re looking to grow your business through dedicated social media marketing and advertising, we can help with that too. Get in touch anytime via our Contact Sivacom page to discuss our many support and strategic digital marketing services.

Will this service increase my sales? Will I see direct traffic to my website?

The service we offer through our $299 Social Presence Plan has specific benefits to any small business – primarily, a consistent presence, credibility, and some SEO benefits.

In addition to the benefits we demonstrate for every client, some clients may experience a direct correlation between the work we do and sales of their products and services and website traffic. We do link to your website through regular posting, and the other benefits we’ve listed can organically increase your traffic and sales.

If you’re looking to grow your business through dedicated social media marketing and advertising, we can help with that too. Get in touch anytime via our Contact Sivacom page to discuss our many support and strategic digital marketing services.

How long have you been in business?

SIVACOM Pty Ltd was founded in 2014.

Prior to launching SIVACOM Pty Ltd our Directors were National Marketing and Communications Managers with decades of marketing, advertising and digital experience between them.

Visit the SIVACOM Our Story page if you would like to find out more about us! 

Do you offer a trial period?

We don’t offer a trial period, however, with our 15-day money back guarantee and our no lock-in contract you have total control over how long you work with us.

If you decide after the first 15 days that you no longer want to work with us, tell us in writing and we will refund your money.

After our 15-day risk free money back guarantee period, you can choose to cancel your account with us at any time by simply giving us 10-days written notice and we will cancel your account and monthly Direct Debit billing.

If you choose to cancel your account outside of our 15-day risk free guarantee period, we can’t provide you with a full refund, but we will stop the Direct Debit payments moving forward.

Do you have experience working with someone from my specific industry?

We have experience working with clients from nearly 60 unique industries across Australia. If we haven’t worked with your industry yet, we’re confident we can do a great a job for you, just like all the other industries we’ve served.

Our confidence in this area comes from the process we have for bringing on a new client. When you go through our sign on process we gather detailed information from you, then our Content Specialists perform broad research before posting any content. So, by the time we start posting we know who your target market is and what they are interested in.

What if I don’t like what you post?

We love to get feedback from clients – good or bad. It’s what helps us continually improve.

If you choose the option to receive a weekly advance schedule during set up, you can quickly and easily let us know what doesn’t work for you before it even goes live. 

Alternatively, if you see a post you don’t like, you can remove or edit it through your direct account access and then let us know what it was in particular that was not right for you. We encourage you to keep an eye on our posting, especially during the first few weeks, to make sure we’re representing you the way you want.

If you find that you need a higher level of support than our entry level Social Media Presence Plan can offer, pop your details into our Contact Sivacom page and we can easily set up a time to discuss your unique needs and work out a strategy together. 

Can you help me make a digital marketing strategy for my business?

The services offered through our $299 Social Presence Plan are meant to be integrated as part of your overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking to grow your business through strategic digital marketing, we can help with that too. Get in touch anytime via our Contact Sivacom page to discuss our higher level strategic digital marketing services.

Will you use images that are specific to my products and services, or will you use generic or stock images that relate to my target market?

Depending on your website and the content of the social media post, we will use a variety of images, including images from your products/website, stock photos, and/or images embedded in articles we are posting about.

Do you offer this service in any languages other than English?

At this time, we only provide service in English. If you would like service in another language, please let us know. We will consider expanding services into other languages if the demand is great enough.