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Marketing is impossible without great content …there we said it! Content marketing is all about focusing on the tactics and execution, it’s about creation, curation, and editing content for the specific purpose of effectively marketing your business. Instead of directly pitching your product or service, you are delivering genuinely relevant and useful content to prospects and clients to help them solve their issues.

The Content Marketing Institute, an online resource for all things content, defines content marketing as …

“A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

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The difference between the straight “sales guff” that most companies produce and deliver lies in two words from the above definition … Valuable and Relevant … anything outside of this is basically just spam! No matter the channel, quality content is the only way to truly succeed in a sea of posts, articles, ads, videos, tweets, and EDMs.

As traditional marketing becomes less and less effective; forward thinking organisations are turning to quality content marketing to deliver the results they need for ongoing success. Content marketing contributes to three key benefits for business; increased sales, cost savings and more loyal customers.

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There is a myriad of ways to use content marketing to promote your company, it has become less of a fad, now moving into the necessity category for savvy businesses.

Why engage content marketing for your business?

Your clients are spending more time researching before they reach out to buy, and you need to be able to provide the answers they are looking for through your content (because here’s the secret – they are not asking you direct anymore).

 Create content for early-stage awareness like video, blogs, research data or infographics (which you can share across your website and social media for outstanding reach). Then when prospects are getting ready to buy, make sure you have some handy whitepapers, eBooks, checklists or product videos ready and waiting for them to mentally inhale.

Providing these resources gives your clients confidence in their decision to purchase from you, reaching them at every step of the buying cycle. 


Awareness. Your customer is aware they have a need, but they are not aware of the solution.


Research. Once they are aware of a solution, they research via multiple channels to educate themselves.


Consideration. Your customers start to compare different products from multiple organisations.


Buy. Finally, your customer makes a decision and makes a transaction.

Your content marketing is the funnel that brings the masses to your door and then convinces them to buy from you. Through valuable and relevant content marketing, your prospective client will become aware of their need, research for a solution, compare what’s available on the market and then slide on in to buy from you, because your content was just so darn compelling and useful to them in the first three stages!

Your prospects are deciding whether or not they want to buy from you long before ever speaking directly to you – it’s just the way of the world now. Quality content marketing is the secret weapon that will help you take out the competition, before they even realise what you’re doing!

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